Revolutionise your tech with reliable AI-powered search and merch that delivers high-touch personalisation to shoppers

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Unprecedented speed, accuracy and personalisation


AI power for superior experiences

Online grocery customers have high expectations for seamless shopping. NeuralSearch offers keyword and semantic understanding out of the box, with a vector solution that identifies underlying intent and instantly produces the most relevant results – no matter how specific or generic the query.

Search results

Real-time product updates

Stay agile and build trust with real-time updates of product information across all stores, sites and apps. Algolia delivers more than 10,000 indexing operations per second — allowing you to instantly bury out-of-stock items, and empower customers to order online and collect with confidence.


Exceptional data-driven personalisation

Leading multichannel retailers build loyalty by leveraging customer data. By tracking data across all brands and sites — Sainsbury’s, Argos, Tu and Habitat — you can build shopper profiles and fuel their experience with personalised search, browse and recommendations.

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We already fuel search for some of the world's biggest grocery retailers, including Sainsbury’s competitors like Tesco, Asda, Iceland and Co-op. We also power some of the world’s biggest brands, like Frasers Group and LVMH.

Speedy, high-performing, unified search

Seamless search gets results

Instant, relevant search is essential to drive conversion. With Algolia, Sainsbury’s can offer best-in-class features in 20% less time than it takes to get query results now. Reduce clicks and add search-as-you-type, federated search, sorting and more.

Make all products and content searchable

Federated search blends inventory, services and content, letting shoppers search all your channels, products, recipes, videos, events, promotions, and more with a single query. Keep each branded site a distinct shopping experience, while uniting behind the scenes to increase information flow and drive revenue potential.

Digital transformation that keeps you in control


Fully customisable, flexible merchandising to scale

Empower your merchandisers to create synchronised, scalable multichannel experiences, with algorithms built for each brand, site and customer experience. Automate and control category and browse pages, smoothly executed with the Algolia Merchandising Studio.


Tech innovation with speed

Implementing a single tool across search and merchandising frees up time and costs. Liberate your team from tech that requires high levels of resources to innovate. Algolia easily integrates with multiple data formats, code languages and technologies, bringing fast ROI so you can focus on strategic goals.

Reduce workload

Fewer manual tasks, more automation

Algolia AI Search dramatically reduces your workload and manual efforts. It automates language rules, synonyms, complex ranking criteria, query categorisation, and more. Sainsbury’s can leverage AI for granular control and customisable tooling and transparency.

Improve efficiency

Elevate your tech

Algolia empowers developers and technical teams by hosting a core app that gives Sainsbury’s complete flexibility with no hosting overheads. With support from 250+ engineers driving innovation across Search and Discovery, Algolia is the best of buy and build.  


Reliability and speed to scale

Algolia powers hundreds of thousands of queries per second —  over 1.7 trillion searches per year globally, second only to Google. Our SLA uptime is 99.999%, plus a market-leading response time. With 70+ data centers across 17 regions, each customer’s search will be ultrafast wherever they are.

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