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Saks Fifth Avenue

Immersive digital shopping powered by artificial intelligence

Deliver immersive shopper experiences with AI


Understand shoppers’ true intent

Deliver the results they want

With thousands of SKUs, Saks Fifth Avenue might be optimizing search results for only the top 20%, missing revenue value from the long tail’s 80%. Shoppers tend to search using more-descriptive, intent-driven phrases, or using their voice or image search. This is where Algolia NeuralSearch excels. 


The World's Only

End-to-end AI search and discovery platform

Algolia NeuralSearch combines powerful keyword and vector-based natural language processing in a single API. With this game-changing technology, Saks Fifth Avenue can supply the most relevant results for every query.


Put customer data to use

Personalization and intelligent recommendations

Leading retailers leverage customer data sources — clicks, search history, product category, ratings — to create immersive digital experiences that wow shoppers. However, the real magic happens when you fuel the shopping experience with 1-to-1 and 1-to-few personalization and recommendations, such as “Frequently bought together” items or “Related products” tailored to the shopper’s needs.

Merchandising strategies that drive business goals

  • The perfect blend of human and AI merchandising

    Our merchandising solution will allow Saks Fifth Avenue to leverage AI when needed, with full control and transparency, letting your merchandisers focus on strategy while AI ensures 24x7 optimization.

  • Customizable merchandising dashboard

    Your merch team can easily view and edit on the merchandising dashboard, whether they want to apply a one-off change, modify the ranking strategy, test algorithms, sort search results, or turn on dynamic re-ranking.

  • Flexible and extensible tooling

    Our APIs would allow Saks Fifth Avenue to tailor the platform and workflow for your unique merchandising needs. We understand that you may want to consume information and operate in a manner most native to how you do business, and our APIs enable this extensibility.

How Walgreens improved customer experience and engagement

LOE your team will LOVE


Fewer manual tasks, more automation

Dramatically reduce workload

Algolia NeuralSearch automates manual tasks by understanding which category a product belongs to — no need to set up language rules, synonyms, or complex ranking criteria. In addition, our query categorization feature automatically determines which item belongs to which category. That means your team is free to focus on marketing strategies and meeting your business goals.

We work with your sister company The Bay

No need to reinvent the wheel

Algolia has done the heavy lifting to get an MSA and a DPA accepted with The Bay. With Algolia, they have gotten great results, but don't take our word for it…

Check out this LinkedIn post by a stakeholder at The Bay

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What makes Algolia different from other search and discovery vendors? We provide:

  • Long-tail search audit
  • Adobe analytics audit to identify short and long-term opportunities
  • Custom demo with Saks Fifth Avenue data

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