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Turn shopper data into personalized experiences

Leverage customer data sources across all your banners to create immersive digital journeys that make people feel like you truly understand them, their needs and desires, and where they are in their customer journey.

Personalize with Dynamic Yield

Personalize search and browse with Dynamic Yield cohorts

Algolia integrates with Dynamic Yield, leveraging user-engagement attributes and ML-powered insights. Deliver real-time 1:1 personalization experiences across search and browse shopping journeys, including recommendations that can drive higher engagement and conversion.

make content searchable

Make services and content searchable

Federated search lets shoppers search all your banners, products, and content with a single query. Services customers are 13% more likely to return for a repeat purchase, so it’s imperative that they can easily find what they need, whether that’s details on design, related items, influencer content about a metal or stone, or how to set up a repair.


Provide fast, accurate search results

Instantaneous, relevant search is essential to driving shopper engagement and conversion. Algolia NeuralSearch uses AI to determine a prospect’s underlying intent and then delivers just the right results. Regardless of what someone enters in the search bar, NeuralSearch understands; it goes beyond collection and designer names to return the best results.

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Merchandising strategies that drive business goals

The perfect blend of human and AI merchandising

Our merchandising solution will let you leverage AI with full control and transparency, ensuring 24x7 optimization. Your merchandisers can then spend more time on strategy.

Customizable merchandising dashboard

Whether your merch team wants to modify the ranking strategy, sort search results, test algorithms, or do things like restrict the number of recalled products, they can easily view and edit on our merchandising dashboard.

Respond to trends

You can configure product selection to capture trends or support marketing efforts. For example, use a marketing campaign to drive traffic to a landing page showcasing lab-created diamonds, or capitalize on a trend by letting AI optimize the assortment.

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Reduce workload and headaches

Take advantage of our expertise

We’ve worked with H.Samuel and Ernest Jones

We’ve gotten an MSA in place with banner companies H.Samuel and Ernest Jones, and a DPA accepted through an NDA with both.

fewer manual tasks

Fewer manual tasks

Algolia NeuralSearch automates tasks by understanding which category a product belongs to. You don’t have to set up language rules, synonyms, or complex ranking criteria. In addition, our query-categorization feature uses AI to predict the categories a search query belongs to, and then creates filter and boost rules based on those. These rules reduce manual relevance tweaking, leaving your team free to focus on marketing strategies and business goals.

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