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Personalized, relevant Search and Discovery can streamline the guest experience and drive growth

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Stores at the center of an advanced omnichannel strategy


Does search accurately reflect inventory?

With 50% of your digital sales fulfilled by same-day options, it's critical to be able to index your catalog across Target,, and Target+ in real time, ensuring that guests are never disappointed. 

Merchandising strategies that drive business goals

Detect top trends and underperforming queries

Bring users closer to what they care about.

AI-driven merchandising capabilities

Combine user signals and preferences with product data to provide personalized recommendations and curated listings.

Flexible and extensible tooling

Our APIs would allow Target to tailor the platform and workflow for your unique merchandising needs.

How Lacoste increased sales 150% from search

A better employee experience means a better guest experience

give developers tools

Give developers the tools to be more efficient, agile, and innovative

Developers love our configurable API-driven engine, which makes it easy to optimize for relevance and implement our out-of-the-box capabilities using AI and vector-based semantic search. Instead of building from scratch, your team can focus on more strategic tasks like layering in customizations, using our APIs for your specific needs.


Empower business users with control

Take advantage of the ideal blend of automation and human intervention through AI capabilities and business rules. Business teams can determine the best strategy to drive conversion and then autonomously execute without heavy reliance on technical counterparts.

382% ROI with Algolia, according to Forrester

We commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study and examine the potential ROI that companies can realize by deploying our Search and Discovery platform.

If I had to make the decision again, I’d do it even faster than I did the first time. I love the tech, I love the product, and all of the people that I get to interact with are top- notch.

Director of digital product and experience

Luxury menswear
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We will align with your internal initiatives

Digital shopping assistant for omnichannel guests

Make shopping delightful for Target guests everywhere by extending products, recommendations, inventory availability, customer service, and more, all through an automated assistant. 


The industry’s fastest search response and real-time indexing can ensure that your inventory is always accurate, with the flexibility to support the diverse set of products Target+ sellers offer.

Efficiency engineering

Our hosted search infrastructure takes care of scaling for developers and provides reliable performance and uptime at scale with 99.999% SLA.

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Co-op leverages our AI capabilities dynamic re-ranking and AI-based synonyms to enrich shoppers’ online experiences. "The big advantage of Algolia is that with a simple implementation, we've been able to get very good results." says Gareth Cottiss, ecommerce development manager.


Mercari has maintained a 200-millisecond-or-less average search results time for users, as well as end-to-end search latency of half a second. They’ve improved their search personalization so much that now, only a small team works on the search and discovery engine, freeing up resources.

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