How this partnership will help Williams-Sonoma increase revenue, accelerate cross-brand promotion, and deliver exceptional shopping experiences

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$10B by 2024 by going digital first
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Unified, omnichannel

360° view of the customer journey

By leveraging 400 billion+ data points across all brands to create segments for personalization, our AI models can be trained to optimize queries to surface exactly what your shoppers want from their journeys.

  • Global multibrand platform built on modular architecture

    Our API-first cloud platform plugs seamlessly into your existing tech stack so you can innovate on the fly, make quick changes, scale fast, and adapt to changing customer demands without impacting the entire platform. 

  • ROI focused on a proprietary test-and-learn platform

    Our goal is to increase your AOV and GMV and ensure that your business maximizes the value derived from your investment. We believe in “Testing, measuring, innovating” — on repeat — to push the boundaries on the impact you’d get from this partnership.

Biggest challenges for Williams-Sonoma

 We can help you overcome your core issues to create the best experience for your shoppers:

  • Your content resides in individual brand silos. Our indexing and retrieval capabilities bring together data from multiple sources to return federated search results. In addition, every long-tail query is served with the most relevant results through our hybrid search — the optimal combination of keyword and semantic search. 
  • You can’t leverage your customer data to create personalized experiences. With Algolia, you can create a tailored site experience on item-, user-, and session-based parameters with real-time filters. Product and user data powers out-of-the-box recommendations to solve the cold start problem. 
  • Your business teams lack control. We are a white box. You would get 100% visibility through our analytics and a real-time view of the AI performance. You can automate through AI-led capabilities or manually intervene with business rules. Plus, no more midnight wake-up calls to launch promotions!

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    Search is a different beast when you’re serving up blog posts and recipes and ecommerce and videos and allergen statement pages. It’s quite a challenge to present that in a way that is intuitive and easy for our customers to understand. — Mike Hoefer, director of Web Development

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    They have maintained a 200-millisecond or less average search result time for users and end-to-end search latency of half a second. They’ve also improved their search personalization so much that only a small internal team works on the search and discovery engine, freeing up valuable resources for other projects.     

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