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Create mobile search with the right building blocks

The mobile experience is about having everything you want at your fingertips. With lightweight iOS & Android SDKs, Algolia helps you connect your users with what they're looking for so you can focus on what you do best - satisfying your users.

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The world’s most popular mobile apps rely on Algolia

Birchbox leverages Algolia to power millions of searches across its web & mobile apps

Algolia allows us to provide our users with lightning-fast, typo-tolerant search no matter where our users are.

Martin Balas - COO at Birchbox FR

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Cross device

A truly cross-device search engine API

Algolia’s native SDKs for mobile (iOS & Android) & web give you a unified search tool across every interface.

Getting started

with iOS with Android
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Mobile ground

Built for mobile from the ground up

Our infrastructure, API & UX tools are designed to optimize your mobile search performance

Algolia developers

Algolia's API and documentation are crafted and cared for by developers who spend all day thinking about search

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Users can browse, shop & discover even when they have little or no connectivity.

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Connect your users with the world around them using our built-in location-based search.

Typo tolerance


Algolia's typo-tolerance means that users get the results they're looking for, even if their thumbs get in the way.

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Get insights from the industry’s leading mobile players in our webinar on how they built mobile search for their business.

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