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What is a Record?

A record is a schemaless object that contains data to be searched. It can contain an unlimited number of attributes (e.g. title of the object, description, category, price, popularity) as long as its total size does not exceed 10KB. To estimate the number of billable records, multiply the number of database records that you will upload by the number of different ranking strategies (sorting orders) you want to expose. Algolia pre-stores one object per ranking configuration in order to avoid expensive query-time sorting. To explain this with an example—if you have 10,000 database records uploaded with 3 different ways to sort, you'll have 30,000 billable records total.

What is your SLA?

For any outage period above the monthly guaranteed uptime, we provide you with a credit calculated as follows: Credit = Plan Price * (Outage Period Minutes * Acceleration Ratio) ÷ Scheduled Availability Minutes.

  • STARTER, GROWTH & PRO plans:

    • Monthly guaranteed uptime = 99.9%

    • Acceleration Ratio = x50

    • Capped to half a month of refund

  • ENTERPRISE plans:

    • Monthly guaranteed uptime = 99.99%

    • Acceleration Ratio = x100

    • Capped to one full month of refund

  • PREMIUM SLA option (available to ENTERPRISE only):

    • Monthly guarenteed uptime = 99.999%

    • Acceleration ratio = x1,000

    • Capped, over a period of twelve rolling months, to the minimum between six months of subscription and 50% of the total fees paid over these last twelve rolling months

  • Credit applies to next months' subscriptions

Note: SLA is guaranteed only if you use any of our API clients.

Contact us for a premium SLA at

What is an Operation?

An operation is counted when a record is indexed, updated or deleted; or when a search is performed. In autocomplete and search-as-you-type implementations, a new search is performed on every keystroke. In case your search engine is querying n indices at each keystroke (a product index, a brand index, a categories index, etc.) then one keystroke will correspond to n operations.

Is there a size limit to records?

Yes, records should not be more than 10KB of JSON. If you need to search for bigger objects, please contact us at and we'll update your limit.

Can I see my usage metrics?

Yes. Connect to your Algolia dashboard to have a full overview of your current usage.

Implementation Guidance

We are fully dedicated to help developers deliver an intuitive search-as-you-type experience. 1-1 Workshops are a call with one of our experts to look at your implementation. You can expect some really useful advice regarding your UI and UX.

What if I exceed my paid plan limits?

Each plan has an over-quota price that is applied to extra records and operations. We'll count the total number of operations performed in the month as well as the maximum number of records you've reached (we'll exclude the 3 highest days to allow you to briefly go over your quota). We'll also alert you by email so you can upgrade your plan and benefit from better conditions as soon as it makes sense.

Who owns my data?

You do. You retain ownership of all the data you send to your user account. We do not share it with any third parties.

Search down time Total refund of the monthly service bill
STARTER, GROWTH & PRO plans Enterprise Plans Premium SLA option (available to ENTERPRISE only)
30 seconds 0% 0% 1%
1 minute 0% 0% 2%
5 minutes 0% 1% 11%
20 minutes 0% 4% 46%
1 hour 6% 13% 138%
2 hours 13% 27% 277%
4 hours 27% 55% 555%
8 hours 50% 100% 600%

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