Algolia Platform Foundation

Platform Foundation includes:

  • Additional security features, including advanced access and administration management with unlimited multi-user team access (Premium Plan 20 users and Standard Plan 10 users limit not applicable), SSO/SAML, encryption in transit, team permissions, and ACL (granular permissions) as described at
  • Access to Analytics and Monitoring advanced APIs
  • Sandbox with infrastructure located in the United States or Europe available for Subscriber’s use for up to 5,000 Search Units per month (not included in SLA and not for production use)
  • Enterprise Foundation SLA as described at
  • Access to Beta programs
  • Standard/Premium Plan support as described at
  • Implementation maintenance and technical support: 10 hours of prioritized live implementation and maintenance support via Technical Account Management Team
    • Case escalation to Technical Account Management Team provided by Algolia Technical Support and or Algolia Customer Success Representative
    • Subscriber to determine how to allocate Technical Account Management Team implementation, maintenance and support hours (10), which may be leveraged in the following areas
      • Educational workshops
        • Search and Discovery Patterns
        • Data Model & Synchronization
        • Building the User Interface
        • Relevance
      • Strategic and prescriptive working sessions to assist fulfillment of Subscriber’s use case
      • Advanced troubleshooting
  • Algolia Success Plan as described at