Automated Personalization

Automated Personalization:

Upon Subscriber’s instructions and/or configurations and submission of its end users’ actions to Algolia through Algolia’s Insights API, the Automated Personalization service allows Subscriber to collect information about its end users’ activities and use such information to personalize search results. Subscriber may configure how Algolia interprets these actions through the Algolia dashboard. Automated Personalization permits Subscriber to send up to ten (10) million actions per day to Algolia’s Insights API and make up to five (5) changes to its personalization configuration per day. Subscriber will have access to the profiling information it collects on its end users from Algolia and may use such end user information in accordance with its agreement with such end users and to the full extent permitted by applicable laws and regulations. Data from the Automated Personalization feature is hosted in the location setting selected by Subscriber via the Services.