Extended Support Policy

Algolia will also respond to errors in the hosted search services according to the schedule indicated below.

Response Times

  • Initial Response:
    • P0: 30 minutes
    • P1: 2 hours
    • P2: 24 business hours
  • Minimum frequency of updates on the reported issues:
    • P0: Every hour
    • P1: Every 4 hours
    • P2: Every week

In the Initial Response, Algolia will confirm that the support request was received and taken into account.

Subscriber shall report the issue in the dedicated section of the Algolia Support Portal and specify the level of severity. In case the Algolia Support Portal is not available (and only in that case), Subscriber may use the following email address: emergency-support@algolia.com.

The priority categories are defined as follows:

  • Priority 0 (P0) Critical: There is a critical problem with the hosted search services in which there is a complete failure in the search service such that Subscriber is unable to obtain required results across all data centers in a non sandbox environment.
  • Priority 1 (P1) Serious: Any of the following occurs: (a) there is a recurring critical failure in the hosted search services affecting indexing of required Subscriber Data in a non sandbox environment or (b) there is an impairment in the hosted search services such that some search is intermittent and some Subscriber experience is affected in a non sandbox environment.
  • Priority 2 (P2) General: General service errors, data problems or issues for which a reasonable work-around exists or any error in the hosted search services not addressed above.

P0, P1 and P2 do not include issues related to the network between Algolia servers and Subscriber's data centers.