Single Tenancy + Vault

Single Tenancy + Vault includes:

  • Infrastructure: Subscriber will have access to a dedicated search infrastructure consisting of one cluster of three servers located in the Search Infrastructure Location as set forth in the Service Order (unless otherwise selected by Subscriber via the Algolia dashboard) with a maximum capacity of 100 gigabytes per application, where the search data is stored with two separate providers for optimal reliability (with the exception of India and UAE).
  • Vault (Digital & Physical Security for Subscriber Data): Algolia Vault is a security solution, providing both a user-configurable firewall and data encryption at rest with the purpose of providing additional security against unwanted digital and physical access to data. Algolia’s user-configurable firewall allows subscribers to dynamically configure the IP restrictions of the provided software as a service platform to limit the reachability of the service from unauthorized networks. With data encryption at rest, Algolia is able to provide subscribers with physical safety of the subscribers’ data on Algolia servers.