Standard Plan (Algolia Search)

Standard Plan (Algolia Search) includes:

  • Access to Algolia’s Search API, subject to the plan limits
  • Infrastructure: Shared infrastructure with the search engine infrastructure located in the Search Infrastructure Location as set forth in the Service Order (unless otherwise selected by Subscriber via the Algolia dashboard).
  • Security features of two factor authentication, encryption in transit and API keys as described at
  • Multiuser team access for up to 10 users
  • 10,000 synonyms per index
  • Optional Filters
  • Query Suggestions (hosted in location setting selected by Subscriber via the Services)
  • Search analytics & events analytics (access to Insights API) and retention of analytics data for up to 90 days. Analytics is hosted in the location setting selected by Subscriber via the Services.
  • A/B Testing
  • Support as described at
  • Success Plan: Subscriber is eligible for Algolia’s Success Plan as described at