Startup program terms and conditions

Algolia Startup Program

EFFECTIVE DATE: November 27, 2023

Startup Program - Terms and Conditions.

Thanks for applying to the Algolia Startup Program (the “Program”). Algolia will review your application and assess if you meet the Program requirements. If you are selected to be a participant to the Program (“Participant”), you will receive an email notification from Algolia. As a Participant, you understand and agree to the Program specific terms and conditions set forth herein.

Program Requirements.

To participate in the Program, Participants shall meet the requirements as made publicly available by Algolia (“Program Requirements”). Algolia may stop the selection of participants at any time at its discretion. You will be asked to provide a valid email address and certain other information under the Program application form. You represent that you have the authorization to sign-up to the Program on behalf of your company, and that the information provided under the application form is accurate.

Service Credits.

As from the date of email notification by Algolia of their selection as a Participant, Participants will be granted a right to use up to USD10,000 worth of Algolia Plan Units based on Algolia list price (“Credits”). Services available for use under the Program are limited to the Algolia Grow Plan. Credits may not be applied to any committed contract. Credits shall be used within twelve (12) months after subscription to the Program. Past this period, unused Credits will be lost.


Algolia may terminate your participation in the Program at any time. Algolia may also terminate your participation to the Program in case of violation of any of your obligations under Algolia Terms of Service, the Program Specific Terms or in case of failure to meet any of the Program Requirements. In case of termination, Credits granted to you will stop to apply immediately.


Participants to the Program consent to Algolia’s use of Participants’ name and logo and general description of Participant’s relationship with Algolia in press releases, Algolia website and other marketing materials and appearances. Participants further permit Algolia to use it as a reference account for marketing purposes