Value Engineering

Last update: March, 2024

Algolia Value Engineering Terms

Subscriber agrees to participate, free of charge, in Value Engineering designed to assess the potential value of Algolia for Subscriber. If Subscriber uses the Radar connector, Subscriber is responsible to run such connector on its elected domains, and will obtain and maintain any required consents necessary to use the Radar connector with the domains. You also authorize Algolia to crawl your domains for the sole purpose of preparing your Value Engineering onboarding. Value Engineering requires Subscriber to provide Subscriber’s Data to Algolia, who is hereby instructed to ingest such data from Subscriber’s chosen data layer and process for the purposes of Value Engineering. Depending on the features demonstrated to you, the Radar connector may include an Algolia cookie. Subscriber Data used for Value Engineering may be hosted on Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure infrastructure in the region elected by Subscriber via the Services or dashboard. Algolia will process Subscriber Data for the duration of Value Engineering and for the limited purposes and duration of conducting a performance report and creating custom demonstrations. Subscriber further allows Algolia to transfer its Subscriber Data to a demonstration application or under its future Algolia Services Plan, as the case may be.