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Browsing optimised for your customers and business

AI Browse uses Algolia’s tech to turn category and product listing pages into high-converting assets for your site


Deliver intelligent browsing experiences by utilizing AI-driven content blocks on all of your favorite displays.

Run intelligent experimentation and prioritize business metrics that matter, like profitability or inventory levels. Capture KPI performance and make real-time adjustments, for continuous improvement. 

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Automatically boost popular and trending items - saving you time and enhancing your customer experience.

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A window-shopping experience

Dynamically build category, collection, and other pages as customers click on filters and navigation tabs

A centralized dashboard and administrative experience

Powerful merchandising

Powerful merchandising

Choose how products are displayed. Pin results for different campaigns, or update the algorithms that control ranking — no code required.

Full transparency

Full transparency

Understand ranking with transparency. Use Algolia to drill into the details for category pages and boost or bury results using product attributes. 

control over ranking

Comprehensive analytics

Discover how category pages are performing with built-in analytics: CTR, AOV, conversion rates, and more available at a glance. Easily understand performance for any product and uncover opportunities for optimization. 

The best websites already use AI Browse

EyeBuy Direct

The one-stop shop for AI search

Easy to use

Implement our APIs in minutes and gain easy control over rankings.


Search as quick as you type, with the fastest enterprise AI search we know of.


Work with a partner who handles 30 billion records and nearly 1.7 trillion searches a year with 99.999% availability.

Addressing a wide range of industries


Create personalized, flexible ecommerce Search & Discovery experiences your shoppers will love.

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Index your catalog, put it in motion for your buyers. Increase conversion.

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Build performant search experiences at scale while reducing engineering time.

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Index your content, put it in motion for your users.

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Increase user retention with fast and relevant search, powered by Algolia’s Search API.

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Solving multiple use-cases


Rich product- and content-based customer experiences in a headless ecommerce framework.

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