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Algolia AI

A suite of AI and Machine Learning APIs to build and continuously optimize intent-based experiences across every channel.

Intent-based experiences

From Content based experiences to Intent-based experiences

Match your users’ intent with the most relevant content no matter how they express their intent - and even before they express it.

Algolia AI uses Machine Learning models to enable companies to predict and deliver the best next step for each user, at every step of their journey.

It empowers businesses to quickly and easily augment and continuously optimize digital experiences for all users - whether known or anonymous - by embedding personalization, highly relevant product recommendations, the ability to segment users on propensity profiles (churn, high value…), and many other critical user journey attributes in their applications.

Making ML models one line of code away for developers

Algolia AI Machine Learning models are presented as flexible APIs so that developers can use the appropriate model at the right time in the user journey. The result: developers can build intent-based experiences into any application, on any device, quickly and easily.

AI illustration

Three categories of models to build comprehensive user experiences

Intent-based Search and NavigationIntent-based RecommendationsBehavior based Segmentation
    Intent-based Search and Navigation
  • Intent-based Search and Navigation

    The identification of a user’s intent enabling the most fitting content to be served up – irrespective of whether the shopper types a query in a search box, browses a website, or interacts using voice on their device. Natural Language and Semantic features are included as well as ML-powered query understanding, relevance and personalization.

  • Intent-based Recommendations
  • Intent-based Recommendations

    Predict and recommend the best content based on a user’s context and past behavior.

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  • Behavior based Segmentation
  • Behavior based Segmentation

    Segment users based on their predicted next actions or demographics, to enable developers to create and orchestrate sophisticated scenarios and experiences. It includes likelihood to buy, cart abandonment prediction, churn prediction and more.

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Open and extensible

Open and extensible

Algolia AI is transparent and highly extensible thanks to its API-first approach, the complete availability of the underlying data, and the ability for developers to build upon its AI and ML models.

Many companies are trying to make it easier to use AI, but few make it as simple as Algolia’s AI. Indeed our mission has always been to democratize AI and to empower developers who wish to enhance their digital offerings with a simple ‘plug and play’, building block interface for building their intent-based, sites and omnichannel applications.

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