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Powerful analytics, built in

Your search bar is a feedback form. Discover how Algolia's analytics drives insights from search to click to conversion.

General stats
Daily searches
Popular searches
Popular results
No result searches

Searches with no results

A search with no results can often be optimized by improving keywords used in the dataset, or by adding synonyms.

No-result rate
No result searches

Lost opportunities

Popular searches that have low click and conversion rates often represent lost opportunities.

Click through rate
Low conversion rate

Click position

The average click position of a search is a good indicator of its relevance.

Avg. click position
High click position
High click position


Learn how your users are using your filtering options.

Filters per attribute
Filters per value

Search by countries

Geographical origin of the searches , and the associated network latency.

Avg. latency
World map
Popular countries

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Analytics API

Understand how your search performs with specialized search metrics - like popular searches, popular results and zero results queries - so you can ensure that your users are able to find what they’re searching for.

Click tracking

Gain insights into what results users are clicking on, what position those results appear in your results, the average click position of specific search queries, and how those queries are translating to conversions.

How do search analytics improve conversion rates?

Records and Operations