Actionable insights

Turn user intent into concrete next steps with comprehensive analytics.

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Site and app search analytics at your fingertips.

Improve your performance

Leverage search data to inform your product and offering strategy.

Discover popular searches & results, minimize null-results

Uncover your best performing products and content. Eliminate poor experiences leading to ‘no results’ that spike dead ends and bounce rates.

Search analytics help optimize for CTR and conversion.

Transform low performing results with real-time changes

Gain visibility into search results with poor click and conversion rates. Improve search relevance by promoting and boosting categories and results with a higher likelihood of purchase.

Optimize search relevance with the help of real-time click data.

Inform search relevance with data on click positions

Improve search relevance by seeing how clicks are distributed. Understand which position received most or least clicks for a search result to drive greater conversion.

Take decisions built on data

For business practitioners

Say ‘no’ to spreadsheet chaos with analytics all in one place. Double down on your data-driven strategy. Track the search terms driving your revenue, fix null-results, evaluate category performance, and plan for seasonal success with historic event insights.

For developers

Monitor your key indicators, from searches to clickthroughts, seasonality to conversion. Visualize changes and understand your best-performing products and content.

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