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Exceed user expectations with a search that learns and adapts to their needs

Algolia Dynamic Re-ranking leverages reinforcement learning to analyze users actions on digital properties to boost the most performant search results for your most popular queries.

Features_increase the roi

Increase the ROI of your digital search experience

By automatically ranking the most performant content first, Algolia Dynamic Re-ranking optimizes for both relevance and business results, while reducing repetitive, manual tasks for your development or business teams.

Features_Combine your expertise

Combine your expertise with powerful AI insights

Algolia Dynamic Re-ranking works with our Custom Ranking, Rules, and configurable Personalization to give you total control of the experience.

Features_Proven impact

Proven impact for your user experience, and your business

Algolia Dynamic Re-ranking comes with a simulator showing you exactly how it optimizes the results for each query. Using Algolia A/B Testing, you can assess the performance of the optimized experience with confidence, to drive meaningful outcomes.

The most advanced companies experiment everyday with dynamic re-ranking

We’ve been amazed by how quickly it improved the performance of our search discovery experience, increasing both customer satisfaction and our conversion rate.

Jeff Serota

Senior Director of Product Management Staples
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AI Search Dynamic Re-ranking FAQs

  • Yes, using our Visual Editor or our Rules API, you can merchandise the search experience or execute on editorial strategies on top of the AI powered search results.

  • How much does Dynamic Re-ranking cost? You can benefit from AI powered search with Dynamic Re-ranking on our Premium plan, starting from $1.5/month.