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Show each user what they need to see across their journey.

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Personalization: a must-have for any site search functionality.

Manage 1:1 interactions at scale


Make your data actionable by scoring each customer across 100+ attributes (including brand, price and category).

Configure attributes, then preview the results.

Determine weights across events & facets and test their impact.

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Try out all-new AI Personalization 

Set it up in the time it takes for a coffee.

Personalize the whole user journey

Deliver personalization across searching, browsing, recommendations and other touchpoints. Tailor your full experience for every user.

Automate set-up and optimization

Get going in minutes with automatically calculated attributes. Leave ongoing optimization to our algorithm then, optionally, making manual adjustments improving the accuracy of your personalization while saving your team time.

Choose the access-point that works best for you

Developers can run AI Personalization from the Dashboard or API - and business users from the Merchandising Studio, making them more self-sufficient.

Enrich data with third-party sources

Improve customer profiles with data from sources including Segment, Shopify, Google BigQuery.

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1.7+ Trillion

searches every year


uptime SLA available


ROI according to Forrester Research


customers across 150+ countries

Personalization drives profitability

We opted for Algolia primarily for its performance, alleviating concerns about scalability. Moreover, the streamlined optimization, storage upgrades, and product indexing handled by Algolia eliminated any worries about speed.

Josh Hepworth

Head of Technology @ Huckleberry
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For a retailer like us with more than 25,000 products in our catalog, a solution that improves each of our users’ experiences along their search journey adds tremendous value. Algolia’s built-in personalization represents a real step forward in the digital era for Decathlon Singapore.

Richard Migette

Ecommerce project leader @ Decathlon
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EyeBuy Direct
Algolia’s streamlined search, browse and personalized merchandising platform has given us unprecedented control over the end-to-end Search & Discovery experience, empowering us to deliver a more relevant shopping experience for each customer’s needs.

Alexey Alekseev

Director of User Experience @ EyeBuyDirect
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PC Componentes
Algolia has helped us manage our hypergrowth very effectively, scaling quickly to cover over 30,000 products in our catalog, grow our search results click-through rate by 81%, and increase search conversion by 4X.

Luis Aledo

User Experience and CRO Manager @ PCComponentes
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Algolia Personalization FAQs

  • The existing Personalization solution lets you manually define events and facet weights. Whereas the AI Personalization beta eliminates guesswork by optimizing event and facet weights algorithmically - which makes set-up simple once the right events (views, clicks and conversions) are sent to Algolia.

  • Right now, the beta is available to all customers at no additional cost.

  • Yes, you can toggle between them. In fact, if you’re an existing customer we encourage you to try the beta and measure the results through an A/B test. If you’re a new customer we recommend you start right away with the beta for AI Personalization.

  • The user profiles in the beta consist of affinity values and their corresponding scores, based on each user’s past interactions (views, clicks, conversions).

  • Yes, Algolia’s services comply with a wide range of norms, certifications, and regulations. These vary depending on the service — you can read more here.

  • Yes, AI Personalization can also be used to personalize searching, browsing, and recommendations by companies in Media or SaaS, whether B2C or B2B.