Relevance rules

Improve relevance with AI-based rules

Enhance your default ranking by setting up Rules to fine-tune internal search relevance and detect or respond to user intent.

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Enhance rankings with AI-based relevance rules.

Algolia offers unlimited space to define your own set of rules

Based on an “If This Then That” logic, Rules let you make precise modifications to your Search & Discovery experience, leveraging various strategies applied in any situation.

Relevance rules can be extended to search term synonyms.

Rules can be triggered by specific search terms (and automatically extended to its synonyms) or applied without any user query needed.

Relevance rules are impacted by context.

Rules can take into account various contextual elements (device used, category page, geolocation).

Decide when rules are active.

Rules can be limited to a specific time-range or be “always on”.

3 examples of strategies using our Rules

Remove word

Extract the information that matters to display the most relevant results.

Replace query

Match your user’s query with their real intent.


Guide users to the perfect results quickly.

Made for developers and merchandisers

Algolia Rules API documentation.

Code with confidence

The what-is and how-to of the Rules API. Overviews, use cases, tutorials, code snippets, and a full tech reference - Everything you’ll need to get started coding.

Visual merchandizing studio UI.

Do it visually

Let your business users get control over Search & Discovery with our Merchandising Studio.

The most advanced companies experiment everyday with relevance rules

We realized that search should be a core competence of the LegalZoom enterprise, and we see Algolia as a revenue generating product.

Mrinal Murari

Tools team lead & senior software engineer @ LegalZoom
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