Algolia Answers for Publishers

A new API from Algolia that understands the most challenging natural language searches to better rank articles and pull out the answers deep within content.

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Intelligent answers for publishers

Using top technologies, including GPT-3, Algolia Answers Q&A search takes searchers directly to the part of your content that answers their questions. Engage readers by helping them draw connections within your content and find answers in seconds.

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For readers

Algolia Answers helps readers make connection between the big stories of the day by answering their questions with your content.

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For journalists

Algolia Answers allows for natural language interactions with your content archives, matches you with existing content to use quickly, and helps reduce time to file stories.

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Improve quality on 90% of queries

Tests show that Algolia Answers improves the quality of search results on 90% of queries when answering natural language questions.

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How it works

Algolia Answers sits on top of cutting edge AI, but the model has been pre-trained for you, so getting started is easy. All you have to do is enable Algolia Answers with your index and searches and Algolia does the rest.

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Algolia NLU Publishers FAQs

  • Algolia Answers currently supports English, with more languages to come.

  • We are currently refining the Algolia Answers product with companies that are in publishing and have articles or transcripts in English. We will first be choosing companies who meet those criteria and who can provide us with ongoing feedback to help us further build Algolia Answers.

  • We are only revealing pricing to our beta customers at the moment. We will communicate more on price as we get closer to a public launch.

  • Yes, Algolia is a hosted search engine, and relies upon hosting your data to provide your searchers with search results fast and accurately. You can learn more about our approaches to privacy and speed in our documentation.

  • No, not at all. Algolia search offers textual relevance, merchandising, personalization, machine learning optimization and more. Indeed, it also is the basis for Algolia Answers. You can think of Algolia Answers as an add-on that provides better answers to complicated questions.

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