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Algolia Summer ‘19

Delivering Search & Discovery “Now Moments” across web, mobile and voice channels. New release enables fast, tailored and personalized experiences on any device.

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Good is not enough. Consumers today want instant, frictionless experiences offered by the likes of Google, Amazon and Netflix, on all their devices. Algolia Summer ‘19 enables any company to surpass consumers expectations with a fast, tailored and personalized search and discovery experience across any platform.

Conversational Search iPhone

Build great conversational experience faster than ever

Algolia Voice toolkit now includes native Speech-to-Text (STT) support across all platforms, with new JavaScript widgets for InstantSearch that handle native browser STT support. Combined with Algolia Voice Overlay for Android and iOS mobile apps, developers have all the tools to easily integrate Voice experiences on all their digital properties.

We’ve increased flexibility on entity matching, accounting for the differences in the ways people speak or misspeak while still delivering the search results users seek. For instance, after setting up synonyms and entity matching on color, category and type, the queries “black cocktail dresses” and “black evening wear dress” will return the same results: classy black dresses.

Mobile Experience

Deliver bettermobile experiences

New InstantSearch libraries for iOS and Android give complete control over the visual experience to developers – while still leveraging Algolia’s full capabilities. Use Algolia to power complex user interfaces and advanced experiences like hierarchical facets, advanced facets and filters on phone and tablet applications, with no compromise to your brand.

General Availability in September 2019.

New Kotlin API Client brings the full capabilities of our existing clients with some extras to make the most of the Kotlin ecosystem, the new language of choice for developing Android apps, giving developers another option for developing mobile experiences.

Smoother, faster experiences

We optimized our search algorithm and the engine CPU usage to improve performance and speed by 30% on filtered searches, reducing search response times by 7 to 17 ms, enabling customers to return relevant results even more quickly.

Mobile Experience

We’ve also reduced the time to index data by up to 10%, allowing marketplaces and media companies to shorten the time between new content publication and it appearing in search results.

Algolia Summer '19
Create “Now Moments” across platforms
Build great conversational experience
Deliver better mobile experience
Improve personalized journeys
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Improve personalized journeys

The new Algolia User Profile API allows customers of Algolia Personalization to export end-user profiles into third-party tools to provide consistent, personalized experiences across the entire consumer journey, from Search & Discovery to point of purchase.

Import Customer Data

Developers are now able to easily import customer data from 3rd party solutions including Dynamic Yield’s AI-powered Personalization Anywhere™ platform, Target2Sell’s AI Platform for 1to1 Commerce, and Raptor’s Smart Advisor to create personalized Search & Discovery experiences.

Personalized journey illustrationPersonalized journey illustration

Export End-User Profiles

The new Algolia personalization simulator tool allows customers to visualize the effect of changes to their personalization strategy in real time, allowing them to quickly see how their configuration changes search results and impacts the end user experience. Algolia users can now easily toggle across different user personas to see how new personalization rules affect search results.

General Availability in September 2019.

We speak Japanese

Full support for Japanese is now available, including Kanji, Katakana and Hiragana alphabets, Japanese tokenization, and synonyms and typo tolerance management.

Japan gata illustration

Additional improvements

Easily A/B test the same index with different query parameters, to measure the impact of your Personalization strategy or other query settings.
Explore the full analytics of given variants of your A/B tests to take decisions with even more confidence.