In this sprint, you will create a plan to go live and make sure your team is all ready to go. Once you have completed the tasks below, you can to move onto the next sprint.

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Team members

Depending on the size of your company, the same person may fill multiple roles listed below. One aim of this sprint is to identify these roles and get in contact with them.

Project Manager

Planning and project oversight

Product Manager

Product vision, planning, prioritizing and management lifecycle

UX Designer

Design user experiences via design prototyping

Front end engineer

Develop visual and interactive elements

Back end engineer

Build application business logic, server scripts and APIs

Systems Architect

Analyze and design IT components


Management of e-commerce product display


Testing and validating the functionality developed

Algolia is a powerful Search and Discovery solution. Your primary goal is likely to implement Algolia to create a delightful search and discovery experience. Algolia can also be used to power your category pages and content carousels, enabling you to leverage product features for your site Search and Discovery experience. 

You can also use Algolia Recommend to offer AI powered Recommendations to user. 

This Onboarding focuses on going live with a Search implementation specifically.

A Go Live date helps set the cadence for your onboarding sprints. This onboarding has five  sprints, including a sprint for final checks  and to assess Go-Live-readiness. Once you’ve decided on the Go Live date, you can calculate how much time your team needs for each of the tasks.

If you are flexible on dates and want to better understand the implementation process, check out the implementation overview.

Every team member needs access to your Algolia application. Follow these instructions to ensure all users have all permissions they need.

Your team should have a basic understanding of Algolia's functionality before embarking on this project. Encourage the team to check out Algolia Academy and bookmark the developer docs to get started.

It's important that each team member understands what is expected of them and when. Each of the following sprints begins with a list of the required team members. Check out the sprints to understand who is required and when.