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What is Algolia

Algolia is a hosted, API-first platform used to build world-class search & discovery experiences. 

Start building quickly using libraries for every major language and framework. Scale your solution with a platform that serves over 85 billion queries for more than 13k customers every month.

Algolia Android UI Components

Add instantsearch to Android applications

Android InstantSearch UI library is 


  • Provides pre-built UI components following best practice principles for Mobile for Android that remain independent from external frameworks
  • Integrate into your existing UI or app, or use InstantSearch templates
  • Comes with a default CSS theme, completely customizable
  • Manages all business logic for search requests, responses, and states
  • Progressive customization of components (use, extend, or customize)


  • Compatible with all current versions of the underlying Android library
  • Code is entirely open source and available on GitHub
  • Bootstrap your application, with create-instantsearch-app, NPM, ...

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2fun Search(
3    modifier: Modifier = Modifier,
4    searchBoxState: SearchBoxState,
5    paginator: Paginator<Product>
6) {
7    val scope = rememberCoroutineScope()
8    val pagingHits = paginator.flow.collectAsLazyPagingItems()
9    val listState = rememberLazyListState()
11    Column(modifier) {
12        SearchBox(
13            modifier = Modifier
14                .weight(1f)
15                .padding(top = 12.dp, start = 12.dp),
16            searchBoxState = searchBoxState,
17            onValueChange = { _, _ -> scope.launch { listState.scrollToItem(0) } },
18        )
19        ProductsList(
20            modifier = Modifier.fillMaxSize(),
21            pagingHits = pagingHits,
22            listState = listState,
23        )
24    }
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Sample Applications

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This app lets you scan a shipping label with your phone and sends a Slack message to the recipient of the package

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