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Site search & discovery that understands user intent.

AI search that understands your users

Say hello to the search API that understands your customers as well as you do. Now anyone can add AI-powered search to their site or app in minutes to deliver a better experience for their customers. 

Semantic search

A query can relate to more than one category. So “tomato” might mean a sauce or fresh produce and “Burgundy” could be a region, a wine, or a color. Our AI algorithms predict and show results from the the most likely category, improving relevance and boosting customer outcomes.

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Use AI to identify and boost popular content to stay on top of what’s trending - whether that’s driven by world events or what's hot at the moment.

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Tailored results lead to higher engagement. Our AI can personalize search results, product listings and recommendations to every user.

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Analyzing your user inputs, Algolia automatically detects new potential synonyms. Quickly accept or reject synonym recommendations. Let AI Synonyms help you match more queries.

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Features that understand your business


Business Signals

Define and promote the commercial attributes you’re most interested in (like product profitability or inventory levels) so those attributes can be promoted.

UI components

Customize Curation

Empower your business teams to shape the search experience. Use our merchandising tools to curate campaigns and influence ranking.

Build the best search experiences 

Developers first

Get going fast

Index your content in minutes with our API clients (available in a variety of languages and frameworks). If using ecommerce platforms (like Shopify, Commercetools, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Adobe Commerce, or BigCommerce) you can populate your index using our partner integrations.

UI components

Customize your UIs

Use our extensive library of open source front-end components to create your own UIs and automatically ingest events. We have you covered with filters, sorting, pagination and maps.

control over ranking

Control your ranking

Automate optimization tasks with Dynamic Re-ranking. Or optimize ranking and fine tune results, as a technical or non-technical user, directly in the dashboard.

More capabilities



Automatically extract and enrich your content.



Design the perfect experience and ingest events with a suite of ready UI components.



Understand your users to uncover hidden opportunities.

AB Testing

A/B Testing

Choose the best-performing relevance strategies.



Optimize ranking for specific queries.



Guide users to the right content with typo tolerant autocomplete.

custom ranking

Custom ranking

Add business relevance to your ranking.

Merchandising Studio


Curate results for promotional campaigns.



Index content from any source.

Addressing a wide range of industries


Create personalized, flexible ecommerce Search & Discovery experiences your shoppers will love.

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Index your catalog, put it in motion for your buyers. Increase conversion.

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Build performant search experiences at scale while reducing engineering time.

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Index your content, put it in motion for your users.

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Increase user retention with fast and relevant search, powered by Algolia’s Search API.

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Providing solutions for multiple use cases


Rich product- and content-based customer experiences in a headless ecommerce framework.

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More than 17,000 customers in 150+ countries trust Algolia


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Easy to use

Implement our APIs in minutes and gain easy control over rankings.


Search as quick as you type, with the fastest enterprise AI search we know of.


Work with a partner who handles 30 billion records and nearly 1.7 trillion searches a year with 99.999% availability.

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