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Visual recognition with Image Search and Reverse Image Search

Image retrieval

Content-Based Image Retrieval

Algolia lets you integrate with third-party image-analysis APIs (e.g., Google Cloud Vision) to offer content-based image retrieval (CBIR). As the name implies, CBIR can interpret the content of an image (e.g., its colors, shapes, textures) to provide better content identification compared with the results produced by an online tool using just an image's metadata.

reverse image search

Create Image Search or Reverse Image Search

Your customers can use the search box to search your index for images from your content or index, or they can search by image (known as “reverse image search”), pasting in an existing picture and looking for what’s similar.

The benefits of using Algolia Image Search

Using image search is a more common preference than you might think. Whether they’re using the search bar on a computer or mobile device such as an Apple iPhone or Android phone, our picture search functionality makes searching for images a cinch. People can either use words to describe what they want or drag and drop an image to find similar images.

Matching images

Images that are matches in some way (e.g., other women’s white crew neck T-shirts).


Similar things

People’s identities


matching images
Similar things
People's identity

Easily create elegant Image Search

Image Search

Easy setup and implementation

Enrich your records using a third-party API, or platform such as Google Cloud Vision API, and then, using the same image-recognition platform you’re using to categorize your images, turn the uploaded images into Algolia search queries.

Google Vision

Enrich your records

Using a third-party API or platform