Visual Editor - a visual merchandising tool

Get control over
Search & Discovery to reflect your business goals

Our Visual Editor empowers business teams to get control over Search and Discovery, to answer both their user behaviors and business requirements.

Open laptop showing the Visual Editor
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Open laptop showing the Visual Editor

Richard Migette,Ecommerce Leader at Decathlon Singapore

Decathlon Singapore

With Algolia’s Visual Editor and dashboard, we’ve improved our customers’ search and browsing experience, as well as reduced our no-results rate by over 60%. In addition, our local merchandising teams have been able to easily pin and hide products to make them match our local merchandising strategies.

Visual drag and drop interface

Visual Editor
Category merchandising

Choose category page

Category merchandising

Optimize your products presentation on category pages: pin, hide, boost, bury or filter items to create visually appealing pages.

Facet merchandising

Order facets

Facet merchandising

Make your facets relevant in any context: reorder facets and facet values for any given query or category page.

Made for business teams

Seasonal strategies

Develop seasonal strategies

Apply time-restricted strategies across all devices to support promotional campaigns, editorial calendars or major releases.

We just released a new show. We will boost it on our search results for a week to raise awareness among our users.

Boost categories


Subscriptions Lead, Constant Streaming Ltd.


Tailor the experience

Define permanent strategies to shorten path to content and set your editorial standards. Walk you visitors through enjoyable content navigation and product merchandising.

I need to make sure that I have a healthy mix of premium and free content to increase my conversion rates. That’s why I pin paying articles on top of category pages to make sure non paying users see them and eventually subscribe.



Editorial Manager, WorldNews

hide results

User intent matching

Detect top trends and underperforming queries to better guide your users to what they care about.

I know that when my customers look for “zumba” they expect to see t-shirts and leggings from the brand “ZumbaForever”. However, in the first rows there are some caps and tshirts that don’t really fit in here. I’ll hide these items for this specific query.



Category Manager, Sport Forever Inc.

Discover what our Visual Editor can do for you

Key benefits


Hand Search & Discovery strategies over to business teams ensure a better alignment with overall goals and priorities

  • Increase average basket value
  • Enhance conversion
  • Improve engagement and loyalty
  • Increase lead generation
  • Boost registrations / subscriptions


Offer business teams dedicated tools to autonomously shape Search & Discovery experience, and unlock developers time for growth and innovation.

  • Increase market reactivity
  • Reduce business user support
  • Give business team control over user experience
  • Manage all your devices from one single interface
  • Streamline operations
  • No more blackbox solution


Through user-friendly and guided path, discover the full capabilities of Algolia. Create inspiring and compelling experiences that engage with your users.

  • Simple 3-steps journey: set up a rule trigger, choose your strategy and schedule
  • Put yourself into your customer shoes with instant visual preview
  • Drag & drop to promote or depromote items