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Provide rich product- and content-based customer experiences in a headless ecommerce framework across all your devices and channels.

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Search functionality for headless ecommerce sites.

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Start your headless journey with an improved search experience

An API-first search solution that integrates seamlessly with a wide variety of frameworks and applications.

Headless ecommerce across all channels

You can put our search-as-a-service platform to work with your traditional ecommerce website application, single-page app (SPA), progressive web app (PWA), mobile app, in-store kiosk, business app, and more, all from a single unified platform. Our API-first platform comes with front-end libraries for many popular frameworks.

Index and release data from all back-end systems in a single front-end experience.

Dump your data silos

Index all your product information, plus any editorial and help-desk content. Our search platform comes with an advanced crawler, integration with leading ecommerce platforms, and API clients in 11 languages. No matter which back-end system is housing your product data and content for your ecommerce store, we can index and release in any front-end experience.

Unlock unified & personalized search experiences across all customer touchpoints.

Power true personalized, omnichannel experiences

Create a unified personalization strategy across your customer touchpoints.

One omnichannel search platform and AI personalization engine means a consistently personalized user experience.

As visitors interact with your brand across your touchpoints, Algolia learns about their preferences and personalizes accordingly, making their every experience more rewarding.

Develop and iterate 10X faster

Algolia’s API first approach allows you easily to experiment with new experiences and front ends without the need for back end engineering

Flexible and customizable front-end implementation to match any business need.

Front-end flexibility for an optimal user experience

Our front-end implementation is totally flexible, allowing you to build the experience that best meets your needs and promotes your brand. We provide transparent, fully customizable ranking and personalization algorithms.

Centralized merchandizing platform for seamless user experience optimization.

Improve business agility with centralized merchandising

Powering all user experiences from a single platform empowers your business teams to leverage search management tools for efficient optimization of the storefront.

API-first approach that integrates well with any platform.

Go API first with your headless architecture

Algolia is part of an ecosystem of best-of-breed ecommerce solutions. So whether you call your platform headless commerce, composable commerce, a microservices architecture, Jamstack, MACH, or serverless, our API-first approach marries well with it.

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Headless ecommerce solution FAQs

  • Algolia's API-first solution is compatible with all headless ecommerce platforms. We also offer native integration with Salesforce Commerce CloudMagento, and Shopify.

  • Yes, you can build your own front end by leveraging our InstantSearch components, and you can use our guides if you want to build more-advanced versions. You can also start from a prebuilt packaged ecommerce search and discovery template.

  • You can start with a free trial and find out how it works for you. Then, our competitive general pricing would apply.

  • No, but we work with partners who help retailers move to headless ecommerce. Find out more.Another popular mobile app pattern for maximizing small-screen real estate during a mobile search is faceted search, which lets the searcher narrow their results by applying filters, typically by selecting options provided in a "tray"-style overlay. Faceted search is often utilized by retailers in ecommerce (and the mobile equivalent, m-commerce) and by travel service providers, as well as in online search tools on media websites.

    One relatively new application for searching on mobile devices is voice search. According to eMarketer, in 2019, 40% of all U.S. Internet users were using voice search, which has grown more popular, albeit slowly.