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Create a smarter, more natural search experience.

Query Rules allows you to enhance the ranking behavior of the engine for specific queries. You can set up rules to uncover and respond more specifically to the intent behind your users' queries.

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Promote Results

Modify search ranking and promote specific results into desired positions.

Query-Based Alerts

Add promotional banners to alert users to offers and promotions relevant to their search queries.

Translate Intent

Guide users to the perfect result quickly with an as-you-type faceting experience

With Query Rules, you can promote, filter, and develop thousands of automatic triggers & rules based on context only you know to make sure your users get connected with what matters most.

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The what-is and how-to of the Query Rules API. Overviews, use cases, tutorials, code snippets, and a full tech reference - Everything you'll need to get started coding.

Query Rules Docs
// Promote 2 star trek objects when a query contains Star Wars
  objectID: "promoteStarTrek",
  condition: { pattern: "Star Wars", anchoring: "contains" },
  consequence: {
    promote: [
      { objectID: "5588602", position: 1 },
      { objectID: "3447500", position: 3 }

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Access the “if this then that” Query Rules builder from within the Algolia Dashboard to start building your first rules today.