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“Algolia for BigCommerce” unites two world-class eCommerce platforms, centrally managed in one dashboard.

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Give your users next-level BigCommerce search features they can rely on


Tailored search experiences at your command

Empower your developers & merchandisers with the flexibility they crave. Algolia’s extensive API and customization options mean that you have the power to dictate precisely how your search behaves and integrates, aligning perfectly with your product's vision and needs.


Intuitive dashboards for every user

Don’t be confined by technical barriers. Algolia offers user-friendly dashboards and configurations that empower developers and non-technical business users alike. Whether you’re adjusting ranking criteria or analyzing search trends, Algolia ensures an easy and intuitive experience which enables quicker decision-making and business agility.


Crafting relevance in every searchable moment

Algolia’s AI-powered algorithms give you the best of both worlds to truly understand what your users are looking for. Leveraging sophisticated machine learning and natural language processing, Algolia dynamically tailors search results to align with user intent. This is the power of semantic meaning at its finest.


Sleep better at night knowing Algolia’s global platform has your back

Don’t waste valuable resources managing your own infrastructure– That’s our job. We will ensure 99.99% uptime, global scale, and enterprise-grade SLA’s, while you focus  on your core business and your customers.

Algolia + BigCommerce

help global brands & SI’s like FKA and American Eagle scale regional roll-outs 5x faster.

“The connector is a game changer for implementing third-party search on BigCommerce. The speed to go-to-market with this connector is nothing like we have seen before.” Said Wayne Stratbucker, Platform Development Lead at American Eagle.

Leading brands rely on Algolia & BigCommerce


Algolia for BigCommerce FAQs

  • We also have a BigCommerce Accelerator option for more custom builds, which includes access to Algolia’s professional services team(s).

  • No, simply install the "Algolia for BigCommerce" application through the BigCommerce marketplace, and you will be able to create one during configuration.

  • Today, BigCommerce is the leader in headless commerce and does not provide a native frontend. To use Algolia Insights with "Algolia for BigCommerce," customers need to work with developers to integrate Algolia's InstantSearch into their frontend. To learn more about Algolia InstantSearch, please refer to our documentation.

  • On-demand indexing allows merchants to replace their product index in Algolia using the latest data in BigCommerce without impacting end users. Under the covers, Algolia will build a new index using updated data from BigCommerce and swap the old copy for the new index without impacting end users or performance.

  • Presently,  "Algolia for BigCommerce" only supports BigCommerce's native inventory management capabilities.

  • Not yet, "Algolia for BigCommerce" works best with BigCommerce's integrated product information features.

  • Currently, "Algolia for BigCommerce" can only ingest data from the BigCommerce platform, But we have plans to introduce direct integrations with CMS providers like Contentful in the future.

  • Algolia for BigCommerce uses a pre-defined schema to make the processes of synchronizing and consuming data as easy as possible. If you've already gone live with Algolia and BigCommerce, we won't be able to manage your existing index layout and record schema.