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Algolia for Shopify

Algolia is a Shopify Plus Certified Partner. It powers your store’s collection pages, improving the experience for your shoppers. Decide the facets to enable, customize the sort order, the look and more.

Use Algolia’s visual merchandising tool within your Shopify dashboard to promote specific products in your Collection pages, so each of your product categories has its tailored showcase.

As a Shopify Plus Certified Partner, any Shopify Plus merchant will have access to additional best-in-class resources at additional costs. Contact sales for more information regarding:

  • 24/7 support
  • Personalized onboarding experience (Quick Start for Shopify package)
  • Exclusive early access to beta features and Black Friday scaling

Improve Shopify search conversions, click through rate,
and order value

Provide a frictionless search and navigation experience for your shoppers.

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Be in control with built-in merchandizing,
business logic, and analytics

Merchandising demo

Use our visual dashboard to merchandise your collection pages, chose filters, and rank your Shopify search results by popularity, discount rate, shipping weight, or any data that matters to you.


Understand what your customers are searching for, what filters they use, what searches return no results. Use those insights to improve your product catalog, adapt your SEO strategy and fuel merchandising initiatives.

Algolia X Shopify Hydrogen

Build fast, scalable, and flexible search on top of Hydrogen's React-based frameworks and deliver the best personalized shopping experiences for your Shopify store.

Kickstart your Algolia Search

Benefit from:

  • Full compatibility

  • Performances increased

  • Greater business advantages

  • Fast time-to-market

  • High customization

Seamless integration to your Shopify instance

  • Always on syncing

    Make sure that your new products are immediately available in your Shopify search and never deceive shoppers with out of stock products.

  • Embrace your brand

    Easily customize your Shopify search to your brand through your Shopify dashboard, or go further and create advanced interfaces using our front end libraries.

  • Shopify Plus

    Scalable & reliable

    Choose a search that grows with your Shopify Plus store. Algolia serves 120B+ search queries per month.

  • Shopify Plus

    Real-time catalog

    While Algolia can index your catalog in near real-time, a sizeable store could easily reach Shopify API limits. With Shopify Plus API and Algolia, scale your catalog and always keep it up to date.

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