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Site search by Algolia

Unleash your website, increase engagement, build loyalty

Site Search by Algolia enables world-leading organizations to create rewarding site search and discovery experiences that visitors love.

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World's leading brands chose Algolia

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Create frictionless experiences on any device

Algolia provides the tools to build and customize a state-of-the-art site search and discovery experience that embraces your brand on every device.

Easily bring features including autocomplete, typo tolerance, synonyms management, filters and facets, query suggestions and many more to your visitors, wherever they are, with unparalleled speed and relevance.

Guide visitors to relevant content across your online properties

Delight your visitors with meaningful content as they engage with your brand. Proactively address their needs by integrating content info a single unified experience across your online properties, such as blog posts, FAQs, user-generated content and other relevant data.

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Control the experience

You know your content and visitors better than anyone. Use our visual dashboard to easily optimize and fine-tune relevance using the signals and business drivers that matter most to you.

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Leverage your Google Analytics data

Algolia integrates with Google Analytics, so you can easily control how your search should adjust to your visitors behaviors and pages performances.


Understand your visitors with powerful Analytics

With Algolia Analytics, understand what your visitors are searching for, what filters they use, what results they click and how their searches turn into actions.

Use those insights to fine-tune your site search relevance, improve your information architecture or decide what content to invest in.

Never let your visitors down, wherever they are

Our presence in 70+ data centers on 6 continents is unmatched. We serve billions of search queries per month. Wherever you are in the world, we’ll make your search ultrafast and reliable. Our unique Distributed Search Network (DSN) approach extends the reach of an Algolia cluster into other regions, closer to each one of your visitors, worldwide.

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Push content with our API or with a Custom Crawler

In advanced organizations, various teams often contribute to the website’s user-facing content, likely adding complexity to projects relying on such content, including Site Search.

If indexing content using our APIs is not an option, Algolia Custom Crawler reduces this complexity by automatically extracting any content directly from your website, turning it into structured data, and indexing it to make it searchable.

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