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Algolia gives your Users the fastest access to what they’re looking for.

Algolia always serves the best results, at the speed of a keystroke.

Searching content on a website or mobile application should be find-as-you-type fast, which requires extreme speed and optimized relevance.

Trash loading
  • Get results in milliseconds, refreshed at every keystroke.
  • Easily combine your business specs and your users’ interests in your ranking.
It’s fan-freakin-tastic. Easy to integrate and super fast.

Ryan Hoover - CEO & Founder, ProductHunt

Ryan hoover producthunt

One API to build all your search experiences

Providing autocomplete and a results page used to require different solutions. With Algolia, you can now use the same search engine across all UIs and platforms.


Get the best autocomplete

Stop suggesting queries: with Algolia, you can now search in milliseconds across all the sections of your service and display your own combination of results in a rich autocomplete menu.

Your users won’t need to learn your sitemap anymore to find what they’re looking for.

Instant search result page

Search and browsing as-you-type

With Algolia, websites and mobile applications now offer a highly responsive experience. Refresh full pages and filters as your users type and create a unique experience tailored to their inputs.

Algolia unifies searching and browsing for your online and mobile users.

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We love developers

Building a great search experience should be accessible to all developers.

All devices
  • Configuring a search engine has never been easier thanks to our transparent and intuitive ranking algorithm.
  • Test, debug and optimize the relevance of your results via our unique dashboard.
  • Our hosted API, constantly updated, comes with 10 clients, 3 mobile SDKs and a comprehensive documentation.
  • We’re obsessed about your users’ experience: count on our passionate support to help you build it right!
ok ok ok I gotta give it up this is F****** SICK! so fast!!

Tom Lehman - Co-founder, Genius

Tom lehman genius
We replaced our elastic search cluster with algolia, saved engineering time, got better and much faster real time results, and now can easily track all our search queries. Awesome!

Moisey-Uretsky - Co-founder, Digital Ocean

Moisey uretsky

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