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Introducing Algolia’s most customer-friendly pricing

At Algolia, our mission is to enable every developer and company—small and large—to create delightful search and discovery experiences. With this mission in mind, we are making a significant update to our pricing with the goal to have Algolia be more accessible and allow everyone to deliver a great search experience. Our pricing is now the most customer-friendly in the market, from the smallest projects to massive deployments at scale.

Beginning today, our new pricing includes options with fewer long term commitments, lower entry level prices and volume discounts for increased usage.  Now, whether you are a developer working on a small side project or a larger company looking to provide a better consumer-grade search experience, Algolia has you covered.

As a developer-first company, Algolia wouldn’t be where it is today without being developer-friendly.  As co-founders, Nicolas and I were early stage developers ourselves, so staying true to our vision has always been part of our DNA.  So, we listened to developer feedback and have made our entry level pricing more accessible to developers, even if they need access to our premium features.

Our new pricing model is based on the following principles: 

  • Easy to try and easy to buy: customers have more options, including no long-term commitment, paid plans for as little as US$1.00 per month. 
  • Access: some of our advanced features are now available in our Standard plan; you no longer have to be an enterprise customer to have access to advanced features like query suggestions and A/B testing.
  • Transparency: our pricing has been simplified so that it is easier to understand and predictable.
  • Pay for what you use: our new pricing is based on your search volume and the size of your indexes; you can also choose between paying for exactly what you use each month or paying annually to receive discounts for annual commitments.  
  • Scalable: volume discounts reward customers for increased usage, allowing them to cost-effectively scale as their business grows.  


Simpler pricing that scales with your needs

To help bring even more clarity into the “pay for what you use” model, with the new pricing, we no longer will be charging for indexing operations (changes to your index). Instead, we’re introducing the concept of the unit. 

A unit represents a given number of two easily measurable monthly values: the number of search requests* and the number of records within Algolia indexes

In the monthly “pay for what you use” model, a unit represents 1,000 search requests consumed in a month and 1,000 records within Algolia indexes during the month. If one of those two values goes above 1,000, then you will have consumed that unit. The unit is what you pay for and starts at US$1.00 per unit per month for the standard, pay-as-you-go monthly plan—and even less with annual plans.

unit based pricing - only pay for what you need

With the new pricing model, the more units consumed, the cheaper each unit becomes, unlocking economies of scale with increased usage. 

With the new pricing, there are two main plans: Standard and Premium with the following features and more. 

Standard and Premium plan

Features table

In addition, to provide more customers access to some of our advanced features, Premium features like Search Analytics, Event Analytics and A/B Testing are now available in the Standard plan.

We know you’ll love Algolia, so please feel free to try it before you decide that it’s right for you. We offer a 14-day free trial (with up to 500 units included) that provides access even to many of our Premium features, including Rules, Visual Editor and Personalization. Sign up here.



We believe the new pricing plan will benefit and have a positive impact for our customers, especially the developer community that is now able to easily try and then easily buy Algolia—with a transparent and predictable cost, along with access to more advanced features than ever before.

We hope you like it and, as always, welcome your feedback.

Finally, if you’re a current Algolia customer and are happy with your plan, that’s great! You can remain on your existing plan indefinitely. We support the commitment we made when you first signed up for our service, and will let you decide what works best for you moving forward. If you’re interested in taking advantage of the new features coming out, we’re here to help and can guide and migrate you to our new pricing plan.

To learn more about Algolia’s new pricing, go to


* If you are an existing Algolia customer, it is worth noting that we replaced the “search operations” concept with “search request”. This is a significant change to make our pricing simpler based on customer feedback. Our batch queries API endpoint is now counting as only one (1) request, which means that you can use faceting and federated search without having to think about the cost.

About the author
Julien Lemoine

Co-founder & former CTO at Algolia


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