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Api keys


API Method Description PHP Ruby JS Python iOS Android C# Java Go Scala name
Create secured API Key

Generate a virtual API Key without any call to the server.

generateSecuredApiKey generate_secured_api_key generateSecuredApiKey generate_secured_api_key generateSecuredApiKey - GenerateSecuredApiKey generateSecuredApiKey GenerateSecuredAPIKey generateSecuredApiKey
Add API Key

Add a new API Key to your account with specific permissions.

addApiKey add_api_key addApiKey add_api_key - - AddApiKey addApiKey AddAPIKey add key
Update API Key

Update the permissions of an existing API Key.

updateApiKey update_api_key updateApiKey update_api_key - - UpdateApiKey updateApiKey UpdateAPIKey update key
Delete API Key

Delete an existing API Key.

deleteApiKey delete_api_key deleteApiKey delete_api_key - - DeleteApiKey deleteApiKey DeleteAPIKey delete key
Get API Key permissions

Get the permissions of an API Key.

getApiKey get_api_key getApiKey get_api_key_acl - - GetApiKeyACL getApiKey GetAPIKey get key
List API Keys

Get a list of API Keys of one or all of your indexes.

listApiKeys list_api_keys listApiKeys list_api_keys - - ListApiKeys listApiKeys ListAPIKeys get allKeys

Adding and Generating API keys

It is important to understand the difference between the Add API Key and Generate secured API Key methods.

For example:

  • Add API key is executed on the Algolia server; Generate Secured API key is executed on your own server, not Algolia’s.
  • Keys added appear on the dashboard; keys generated don’t.
  • You add keys that are fixed and have very precise permissions. They are often used to target specific indexes, users, or application use-cases. They are also used to generate Secured API Keys.

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