Ready to get started implementing Algolia?
Let us guide you through it! We have a detailed documentation for each of our API Clients and integrations. We also created some guides to help you build the search UX that you want for your web or mobile application.

API Clients & Integrations


How it works

How it works

New to Algolia? This guide will help you understand how Algolia works and what you can do with it.

Quick start

Quick Start

Set up an account and create your first basic search in a few minutes.


How Relevance works

Understand everything about our ranking algorithm, and optimize the relevance of your search.



Add an auto-complete to your search box displaying the results "as you type" using Algolia.

Autocomplete advanced

Advanced Autocomplete

An advanced auto-complete search displaying results from multiple categories at the same time.

Autocomplete textarea

Autocomplete in a Textarea

Learn how to create a @mention, #hashtag feature like the one on Twitter, Facebook, ...

Instant results page

Instant Results Page

Implement an instant-search results page refreshing the whole page: results, filters & pagination.


Geo search

Build a geo-search around a position, or inside a bounding box.

Ios search

iOS Instant Search

Learn how to create a fast instant-search experience on an iOS device.


Multilingual search

Your site or app has multiple languages? Learn how to configure Algolia to handle that.


Multiple environments

How to organize your different development environments in your Algolia account.



Everything you need to know to ensure the security of your data hosted by Algolia.


Learn how to import your existing data and sync Algolia with Parse.



Learn how to import your existing data and sync Algolia with Firebase.