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Manage Indices


API Method Description PHP Ruby JS Python iOS Android C# Java Go Scala name
List indexes

Get a list of all indexes with their associated settings.

listIndexes listIndexes list_indexes list_indexes listIndexes listIndexes listIndices listIndexesAsync ListIndexes listIndexes list.indices()
Delete index

Delete an index and all of its settings.

deleteIndex deleteIndex delete_index delete_index deleteIndex deleteIndex delete deleteIndexAsync Delete deleteIndex delete index
Copy index

Make a copy of an index.

copyIndex copyIndex copy_index copy_index CopyIndex copyTo clear copyIndexAsync CopyIndex copyIndex copy index
Move index

Move or rename an index. Normally used to reindex your data without any down time.

moveIndex moveIndex move_index move_index MoveIndex moveIndex moveTo moveIndexAsync MoveIndex moveIndex move index
Clear index

Clear the contents of an index without affecting its settings.

clearIndex clearIndex clear_index clear_index ClearIndex clearIndex clear clearIndexAsync Clear clearIndex clear index

Create an index

You don’t need to explicitly create an index, it will be automatically created the first time you add an object or set settings.