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API Reference / API Parameters / aroundPrecision
Type: integer | list of objects
Engine default: 10
Parameter syntax
'aroundPrecision' => number_of_meters

Can be used in these methods:

About this parameter

Precision of geo search (in meters), to add grouping by geo location to the ranking formula.

When ranking hits, the engine groups geo distances into ranges of aroundPrecision size. All hits within the same range are considered equal with respect to the geo ranking parameter.

For example, if you set aroundPrecision to 100, any object in the range 0-99 from the searched location is considered equal. Same goes for 100-199, 200-299, etc.

If you want a non-linear precision, you can specify an array of objects containing the keys from and value to specify a precision for a given distance. For example, if you set aroundPrecision to [{ "from": 0, "value": 25 }, { "from": 1000, "value": 2000 }], all objects in the range 0-999 have a precision of 25 meters, and all objects above 1,000 have a precision of 2 kilometers.

Usage notes

  • For this setting to take effect, the geo criterion must be present in your ranking formula (which is the case by default).
  • The default value for aroundPrecision is 10 meters, which is the smallest precision we provide. If you set a value less than ten, we round it to 10 meters.


Set geo search precision

$results = $index->search('query', [
    'aroundPrecision' => 100 // 100 meters precision

Set non-linear geo search precision

$results = $index->search('query', [
    'aroundPrecision' => [
        ['from' => 0, 'value' => 25], // 25 meters precision by default
        ['from' => 2000, 'value' => 1000] // 1,000 meters precision after 2 km
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