API Reference / API Parameters / indexLanguages
Type: list of strings
Engine default: []
Parameter syntax
'indexLanguages' => ['language ISO code', ...]

Can be used in these methods:

About this parameter

Sets the languages at the index level for language-specific processing, such as tokenization and normalization.

At indexing time, the parameter sets the dictionary and algorithms for word-detecting in the provided language. See the list of supported languages for the corresponding ISO codes.

You can configure the index languages in the Algolia dashboard under Search > Index > Configuration > Language > Index Languages. You can also use the set-settings API method to configure the indexLanguages parameter.

Usage notes

You should always set queryLanguages and indexLanguages for your indices. If you don’t, the engine uses either the default (all supported languages) or the list of languages specified in ignorePlurals and removeStopWords. This can lead to unexpected search results.


Set an index language for tokenization and normalization

For example, to set the index language to Japanese (‘ja’):

    'indexLanguages' => ['ja']
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