API Reference / API Parameters / paginationLimitedTo
Type: integer
Engine default: 1000
Parameter syntax
'paginationLimitedTo' => number_of_records

Can be used in these methods:

About this parameter

Maximum number of hits accessible through pagination.

This parameter limits the number of search results (hits). For example, if set to 1,000, you can’t retrieve results 1,001 or higher.

To implement pagination, use the page and hitsPerPage parameters.

Usage notes

  • Higher pagination limits might slow down your search. Set the pagination limit only as high as you need.
  • Lower pagination limits make extracting all your data (scraping) more difficult.
  • The maximum value for this parameter is 20,000.
  • For pagination limits above 1,000, the sorting of results beyond the 1,000th hit can’t be guaranteed


Set pagination limit

  'paginationLimitedTo' => 1000
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