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Algolia Django FAQ

Why am I getting “Impossible to connect”, “Unable to connect”, or “Unreachable hosts” errors?

If you’re facing connectivity issues, here are some checks you should perform on your side before contacting our support team:

  • Are you using the correct application ID and API key? You can find these credentials on your Algolia dashboard.
  • Did anything recently change in your code or on your data center provider’s side? Make sure to check their status too.
  • Using Firebase? The Firebase free plan only allows requests to other Google APIs. Because of this limitation, you can only use Algolia with Firebase if you’re on a paid Firebase tier.

If you’re unable to debug the problem yourself, please contact with the following information:

  • API client and version (e.g., PHP API client 2)
  • Framework integration and version (e.g., Scout Extended 1.9)
  • Code snippet to reproduce the issue
  • Error message or stack trace (if applicable)
  • The Algolia index name with which you’re experiencing issues
  • The precise timeline (in the UTC time zone of the event)
  • Having trouble connecting to the Algolia API from your servers? Send us the link generated by the diagnostic script command on your impacted servers:
    curl -sL > ./ && sudo ./ ApplicationID

    Ensure that you replace “ApplicationID” with your actual Algolia Application ID.

  • Having trouble connecting to the Algolia API from your browser? Head over to and send us this output instead.

How can I stay up-to-date with new major versions of the framework integrations?

You can check out our changelog page.

Why am I getting the “Record at the position XX objectID=XX is too big” error?

You’re getting this error because there’s a size limit for records. Make sure you reduce your records and try again.

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