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Telemetry collection in InstantSearch Android

InstantSearch Android collects data points at runtime. This helps the InstantSearch team improve and prioritize future development.

Here’s an exhaustive list of the collected data:

  • InstantSearch version
  • The name of the instantiated InstantSearch components, for example, HitsSearcher, FilterState
  • The name of the components with custom parameters (overridden defaults). InstantSearch doesn’t collect the values of those parameters. For example, the default of the facets value in FacetListInteractor is an empty list. If you instantiate it with a list of facets, then the telemetry tracks that the facets parameter received a custom value, but not the value itself.

InstantSearch doesn’t collect any sensitive or personal data. However, you can still opt out of the telemetry collection with the following code:

Telemetry.shared.enabled = false
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