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Showcase for Flutter Helpers components

Algolia for Flutter is beta software according to Algolia’s Terms of Service (“Beta Services”). To share feedback or report a bug, open an issue.


Hits Searcher

This component handles search requests and manages search sessions.

Search State

Represents a search operation state and abstraction over search parameters.

Filter State

Provides an interface for managing any search filters.


Components that show a loading indicator during pending requests.



Set of tools to highlight relevant parts of the search results.


Facet List

Components that perform refinements on a facet.

Current Filters

Components that display the current filters and let users remove them.

Filter Toggle

Components that toggle an arbitrary filter on or off.

Clear Filters

Clear the current filters.



Components that display metadata about the current search and its results.



Components that display a list of indices and allow users to change how hits are sorted (using replica indices).

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