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You can choose from a set of libraries and tools to help connect your data and configure Algolia for your site or app. Algolia supports several programming languages and provides integrations for popular frameworks and ecommerce platforms.

Discover code samples and community-built integrations in the Algolia Code Exchange.

Algolia dashboard

In the dashboard you can configure most aspects of Algolia’s products and features.

Algolia CLI

The Algolia CLI lets you interact with Algolia’s APIs from your terminal, without code.

API clients

Algolia’s API clients provide convenient methods for interacting with Algolia’s APIs, and add features such as a retry strategy, or batching uploads.


While you can carry out any indexing, search, and configuration-related task with the REST API, you should use an API client or another integration.

You should only use the REST API to develop new API clients. Using the REST API directly isn’t covered by Algolia’s SLA terms.

Frontend libraries

Algolia offers UI libraries with ready-to-use and customizable components.


InstantSearch lets you build user interfaces for search and discovery from ready-made components (widgets). InstantSearch also gives you the tools to build your own widgets. InstantSearch is available in these different flavors:


The Autocomplete UI library lets you build accessible, search-as-you-type user interfaces that you can integrate anywhere on your site or app.

UI design kit

If you want to design your next search and discovery experience, you can use Algolia’s UI Design Kit (Figma).

Framework integrations

Built on top of the API clients, Algolia’s framework integrations help synchronize your data between your database and Algolia.

Ecommerce integrations

Algolia integrates with ecommerce platforms to help you index your product catalog and integrate Algolia into your storefront UI.

Extensions and tools

These tools can help you integrate Algolia into your site.


DocSearch is the easiest way to add search to a technical documentation site. It’s free for such sites.

Find examples of DocSearch for popular site builders, such as Docusaurus or VuePress, in the Code Exchange.

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