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You can’t rename replica indices directly.

  • Before renaming a standard replica index, first, detach it from its primary index. You can then rename it.
  • You can’t rename virtual replicas. You need to delete the virtual replica and create a new one.

To rename a replica index in the Algolia dashboard:

  1. Go to the Algolia dashboard and select the primary index whose replica you want to rename. Alternatively, select the replica index you want to rename and click the name of its associated primary index under the Index heading.

    Find the associated primary index of a replica you want to rename

  2. With the primary index selected, go to the Replica tab, select the replica index you want to unlink, and click Unlink Replica.

    Unlink a replica index from its primary index

    The index is now a regular index.

  3. Select the (former) replica index and rename the index.

  4. To reattach the renamed replica index, create a new replica index and enter the name of the renamed replica index.

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