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To rename a replica index, you first need to detach it from its primary index. You can then rename and re-attach the replica to the primary index.

You can’t rename a virtual replica, you’d have to delete the current replica and create a new one.

To rename a replica through the Algolia dashboard:

  1. On the sidebar, click Indices
  2. On the Indices page, click the Indices tab.
  3. Select your primary index for this replica.
  4. Click the Replicas tab.
  5. Select the replica and click the Unlink replica button.
  6. Select your replica index.
  7. Click Manage index.
  8. Select Rename from the dropdown and rename the index.
  9. Select your primary index.
  10. Click the Replicas tab.
  11. Click Create Replica Index.
  12. Enter the same index name as the replica index that you renamed.
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