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Algolia’s connectors pull data from a source and push it to Algolia. They let you index your data without writing code.

For alternative methods of sending your data, see Send and update your data.

The connectors are based on the Ingestion API.

Connectors have three main components:

  • Sources determine from where to pull your data, such as a JSON file hosted on your server, or a MySQL database.
  • Destinations determine to where to push your data, such as an Algolia index or Algolia insights.
  • Tasks determine how and when to sync your data, for example, on a regular schedule.

If you want to transform your source data before adding it to the destination, you can add Transformations to a destination.

Get notified when tasks fail

Tasks are automatically deactivated if they fail more than five times in a row, with a critical status. Algolia sends an email to all email addresses associated with your Algolia app.


The connector can authenticate with sources and destinations. Different sources support different authentication methods, such as basic authentication, or Google service accounts.

Algolia indices require an API key with the following ACL:

  • addObject
  • deleteIndex
  • editSettings

You can manage your credentials for your connectors in the Authentications tab in the Algolia dashboard.

Allow Algolia IP addresses

If you restrict access to your source, you will need to allow these Algolia IP addresses:

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