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Filtering and Navigation

Filtering is a UX pattern commonly used on the search page. When users click on tags or facets, this helps them drill down to the search results they want.

These solutions show you how to take full advantage of Algolia’s tools and features. With features like InstantSearch, facets, refinements, Rules, NLU, and Personalization, you can build a best-in-class filtering experience. Browse these implementation approaches to see how you can enrich the user experience and make your filtering more dynamic.

Auto-selected facets

When a user’s search query matches specific keywords, automatically filter the results to improve relevance.

Dynamic facets positioning

To maximize facet use and simplify search refinement, prioritize facets by relevance based on the user’s query.

Help users access their desired content faster by displaying recommended filters based on their selected facets.

Visual facets

Enhance users’ experiences with using filters by adding visual indicators such as a color palette or images.

Facet dropdowns

Place your facets at the top of your page, just over the search results, to allow for easier access and to create more screen space.

Help users narrow their search results by showing facets near the search box to guide their discovery experience.

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