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With merchandising, you can boost or hide results in your search and browse pages. Merchandising is an effective way to support promotional campaigns, for example, by showing promotional banners.

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Integrating merchandising stage-by-stage

Based on an analysis of merchandising implementations by Algolia users, there are four stages in the evolution of the search and browse experience. See the ecommerce implementation playbook for an overview of all solutions for the ecommerce use case.

Stage 1

Configure relevance to get the best results in all situations

Stage 2

Search merchandising

Category merchandising

Stage 3

Search and category merchandising

  • Inject brand content
  • Inject content in promotional slots
  • Inject array of promotional content between results

AI-based merchandising

  • Inject re-ranked content in promotional slots

Personalized merchandising

  • Inject personalized content in promotional slots
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