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Feb. 18, 2019

Quick Start

To get started using Algolia in your Magento installation, just follow the steps in this video or on the page below.


There are two possible ways to install the extension:

  1. Through modman
  2. Through Magento Marketplace


With modman installed, run the following commands:

cd /path/to/your/magento/directory
modman init
modman clone

Magento Marketplace

Navigate to the Magento Marketplace to get the extension and follow the instructions to install.


Before Algolia can be used with Magento, an Algolia account is needed. With the account, it’s possible to configure the Magento extension to work properly.

Algolia account

An account can be created in the sign-up wizard.

Pay attention while picking a data center during the sign-up. For performance reasons, it’s best to pick the one closest to the data center of your Magento installation.

Magento settings

To configure the Magento extension, you will need the following Algolia credentials:

These credentials can be found on the Algolia Dashboard, on the API keys page from the menu.

In the administration section of your Magento project, navigate to System > Configuration > Catalog > Algolia Search and fill in the form with all the information required.

Basic information configuration


With the extension configured, the data in your Magento installation should be pushed to Algolia for the first time by a process called indexing. This can be accomplished by navigating to System > Indexing Management. On this page, a list of indices will show up for which the Reindex Data link has to be clicked:

  • Algolia Search Products
  • Algolia Search Categories
  • Algolia Search Pages
  • Algolia Search Suggestions

When the indexing is done, the search should now be available in your Magento installation.

Magento store indexers

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